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Early College - Degree Seeking Pathway

Class of 2026 & Beyond

UH Maui College mapped out the courses needed for their Associate's Degree for every year in high school. Some of the early college courses can be used to fulfill the high school graduation requirements.

*It is very important to understand that our students need to be able to complete both their high school graduation requirements and the college graduation requirements every year of high school.

Students will be required to take 20 college courses (60 college credits) in high school.

**Every student entering the program must take the EdReady placement exam in English and Math (only if taking a math class) their sophomore year in high school.


Associate's Degree - Liberal Arts


Associate's Degree - Pre-Education (In the planning stage)


Associate's Degree - Pre-STEM (in the planning stage)


Early College Degree Seeking  Program

Important Early College Program Information

  • Must have at least 3.0 cumulative GPA

  • Teacher & counselor recommendation

  • Signed commitment letter by parents and students.

  • Must APPLY for the program AND register for the course(s) during the high school registration period in December.

  • Early College courses have been pre-selected by UHMC and Lahainaluna to ensure that the students will meet their Liberal Arts Associates' Degree and high school graduation requirements.

IS 105 - Career/Life Exploration & Planning

Fall Semester

Reviewing for the Exam

IS 106 - College Orientation I

Spring Semester

College Friends

ICS 101 - Digital Tools for the Information World


Working on Laptop

Degree Seeking Program

Steps to Enroll

What is needed to register for the Early College Degree Seeking Program?

  1. Add Early College course on  high school registration form.

  2. Complete the Early College Application (google form)

  3. Submit the Early Admit Form for UHMC (return to Miss Kristy)

  4. Complete and sign Lahainaluna Consent form (return to Miss Kristy)

  5. Take the EdReady placement exam. (Submit score to Miss Kristy)

  6. Apply to UH Maui College (after approval from Miss Kristy)


Forms for the Early College Degree Seeking Program

Please complete the online forms and submit online. 

All paper forms should be submitted to Miss Kristy Arakawa in the College & Career Center.

Early College Degree Seeking Application

January 30, 2022

This application is a google form and must be completed and submitted online.

Early Admit Form - Degree Seeking Program

Deadline: February 28, 2022

Please print this form, sign and submit to Miss Kristy Arakawa in the College & Career Center.

Lahainaluna Early College Consent Form

Deadline: February 28, 2022

The Lahainaluna consent form must be printed, signed by the student and parent and submitted to Miss Kristy in the College & Career Center.

Apply to UH Maui College

Deadline: March 31, 2022

Kama'aina application link will be posted once the application period opens.

Not Available Yet

EdReady Placement Exam

Deadline: April 15, 2022

Students must place into English 100 or Math 100 (if they will be taking a math class) to take early college courses.

- Students must have already applied to UH Maui College and received their UH ID number to register for the EdReady exam.

Click here for the EdReady "How to" video.

Not Available Yet