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Junior Year

Review Classes & Maintain or Improve GPA

High School


Make sure you have all the required classes to be eligible for all college & universities.

Remember that colleges will only see your grades from freshman through junior year.

College Research

Computer Class


  • Start your college research now

  • Create your college list (no limit to how many colleges you add to your list)

  • As the year goes on you will be able to eliminate colleges to come up with your final list

Information for Juniors: Tests & Assignments

SAT & ACT Test

Math Notebook and Calculator

October & Spring

Students should register for the PSAT/NMSQT. This can qualify junior for the National Merit Scholarship.

  • Test Date: October 26, 2021

  • Fee: $20

  • Seats available: 30

  • Location of test: LHS Library

  • Registration forms will be available in September. Location TBD

Spring SAT School Day

  • This exam is for junior class boarders, athletes, juniors that work or babysit on the weekends.

  • Test Date: TBD

  • Fee: $55

  • Seats: 30

  • Registration forms will be available one month before the test

Take a spring SAT & ACT test. You will be better prepared to take these tests in the spring.

School & Community Service

Volunteers Packing Food

Freshman-Junior Year

Community and School Service is very important to colleges & scholarships.

Service project do NOT need to be sponsored by an organization or company. You can create your own project. Colleges/scholarships love when students see a need in their community/school and take the initiative to make things better

Information for Juniors: Tests & Assignments
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