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Kaua'ula Program: Image

Kaua'ula Program

Industry Based Program

Students in this program will commit to becoming a concentrator in a program of study and are expected to complete:

  1. An industry recognized certification (IRC) and

  2. A work-based learning program (WBL/Internship) and

  3. A Performance Based Assessment (PBA)

Applications will be available for students in October 2021.

Industry Recognized Certifications

Achieve Your Best Result

Industry Recognized Certifications (IRCs) are often required certifications that help you get the career you want. 

Click on the link for a list of IRCs that may connect with your career choice.

Work Based Learning Program

Master Your Abilities

The Work Based Learning program will place you in an off-campus worksite giving you real life industry experience.

Click on the link for examples of various opportunities.

Performance Based Assessment

Accomplish Your Goals

Performance Based Assessments include a technical writing component. You will present about your WBL experience to a panel of industry judges.

Kaua'ula Program: Class Benefits
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