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Sophomore Year

Here's What You Need to KNow

Senior Female Teacher

Most Important

  1. Grades

  2. Course selection

  3. Test Scores

  4. School & Community Service

  5. Clubs, Sports & Student Government

Research Colleges

Things to look for:

  1. Minimum GPA

  2. Test Scores

  3. Required courses for admission


Please contact Miss Kristy Arakawa if you have any questions or concerns.

Informaton for Sophomores: Tests & Assignments

PSAT 10 Test (Spring)

PSAT 10.jpg

Registration form will be available a month before the test. The test date will be posted when available.

Build Your Resume

High School Resume Illustration_edited.jpg

Record/Take note of everything you do:

  • Participate in school/community service activities

  • Join clubs & sports (in school or in the community)

  • Get involved with Student Government

  • Get a part-time job or internship

Informaton for Sophomores: Tests & Assignments
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