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College Timeline

Senior Year

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Senior Timeline (College): Tests & Assignments

What You Need to Know

Pace Yourself

July - August:  Senior Year 

Narrow Down Your List of Colleges 

Students should prepare to apply to at least 4 colleges. 

Think of it this way:

  • One Reach School - a school whose requirements may be above your qualifications

  • Two Chance Schools - schools that you have a good change of being accepted

  • One Safety School - A school that you will be accepted, such as a community college

August of Senior Year (College)

Prepare Your Recommenders

  • Ask your teachers for recommendations

  • Should have at least 3 teachers - freshmen-junior year teachers. Core class teachers are more valuable

  • Must give teachers your resume (Click here for a sample)

    • This will help them write your recommendation.

  • You must give teachers at least 1 month (30 days) before the deadline to write your recommendation

August of Senior Year

Make a list of what you will need to apply to each college

  • Online application (found on the college's website)

  • How many recommendations do you need? 

    • Some colleges ask for specific teachers, such as a science or English teacher​.​​

  • Do you need an essay or personal statement?

  • Do you need to send your transcript now or later?

  • Do you need to submit SAT or ACT scores or is your school test optional?

  • How much is the application fee? (If you qualify for free or reduced lunch you are eligible for a fee waiver. See Miss Kristy for help)

  • Take note of the deadline!

  • See Lahainaluna's Application Policies

September of Senior Year

Majority of Applications Open

If you meet ALL of the college's requirements you can start your college applications.

  • If you need help with your applications, use the button below to ask Miss Kristy a question or set up an appointment. 

October 1st - Senior Year

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Opens

November - December Senior Year

Scholarships Open

  • Once you have completed all college applications you can start applying to scholarships. 

  • Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarships open

January - Senior Year

Local/Community Scholarships

The bulk of the local or community scholarships open.

  • Lahainaluna Foundation Scholarships

  • Lahaina Restoration Scholarships

May 1st - Senior Year

College Decision Day

  • This is the deadline to choose your 4-year college or university

  • The deadline for community colleges will probably be during summer. 
    Check with your community college's website for their deadline.

2nd Week of May - Senior Year

Virtual Scholarship Awards Program

  • Students will be notified that they received a scholarship on May 1st.

  • Student "Thank you" videos must be submitted to Miss Kristy 2 days before the Virtual Program.

  • Thank you letters for scholarship donors are due to Miss Kristy before graduation practice begins.

Senior Timeline (College): Schedule
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